Why Gardeners Are Happy.

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We’ve always suspected the garden potters, pruners and the propagators look, well, just happier. Can it be true?

Yes. Here’s a few perfectly logical reasons behind it.


Growing and Eating Fresh Veggies.

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Chances are, if you’re a keen or amateur gardener, you’ll want to grow some food. Fresh fruit and vegetables are good for physical health. The vitamins and minerals boost mental health and happiness too.


Better Sleep.

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Working outside gives you plenty of natural, full spectrum light which helps set the “diurnal rhythm” (natural periods of light and dark) which improves sleep and fights depression and negative thinking. You get lots of Vitamin D from sunlight and, let’s face it – a day in the garden is hard work!


Being with Nature.

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There’s many studies that prove how being in nature is beneficial to physical and mental health. It’s not news. But it goes to prove that you don’t have to be in some awe-inspiring location – the back garden gives you the same boost.


Being with People.

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It’s a conversation starter. You’ll want to tell everyone what’s new, what’s growing well. On an allotment, fellow gardeners and growers are all around. Gardening is a common aim people share. Everyone has the same challenges and joys. This sense of social togetherness helps a sense of well-being.


Less Stress.

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Gardening helps restore you emotionally after a stressful experience. So, the stress from a bad day at work can be reversed in under 30 minutes of gardening. It’s a combination of focus, nature, light and gentle physical exertion. A focus on nature and growing lifts our mood.


Physical Activity.

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Gardeners have higher levels of physical activity, and reports suggest higher levels of general well-being. In a time when many adults aren’t achieving even basic levels of necessary activity, gardening is one physical pastime that doesn’t feel like “having to go to the gym”.


It all makes sense. Along with being great for physical and mental health, gardening can yield noticeable results quickly giving us a lovely sense of achievement. Yet, it can also help us with patience and nurturing and not demanding the instant fixes of the modern world. It can be challenging, but hugely rewarding. Being outdoors, getting lots of light and going to bed feeling tired but like you’ve done something worthwhile.


Love your garden. Rent an allotment. Start a community garden. Have a widow box. Because it’s official – gardeners are just happier people.


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