Walk Yourself Fit and Happy. Why Walking Works.

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We may have mentioned this before but we’re not big fans of hardcore exercise regimes, new gym memberships or expensive new kit.

We’re all about fit and healthy and what’s right on our doorstep (yep, we’re lazy health fans). Yoga, weights and running may get the headlines, but there is a low maintenance way of getting and staying fit and healthy in body and mind.


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In the UK, we have some of the best parks, woodland, forests, peaks, lakes, fells, dales and certified walking routes.

The “Walking Works” report detailed the health benefits of the humble walk.

It found that regular walking exercise every week:

Could help save 37,000 lives each year

Could mean 300,000 fewer cases of type 2 diabetes

Reduces the risk of heart disease more effectively than running

Reduces the risk of heart disease by 9.3%, while running reduced it by 4.5%

Helps you sleep easy and feel more alert during the day.

30-minutes of walking will help a 60kg (9.5 stone) person lose 99 calories.

Mind, the mental health charity finds that country walks can reduce depression and raise self-esteem.


Go Green

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As well as all the health benefits, there is no better way to connect with nature. Walking has no environmental impact. It’s perfectly green!

The best thing about walking is that you can do it solo or with friends, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Websites such as Britain On Foot and The Ramblers have dedicated walking groups set up all over the country. The Ramblers website has a list of recommended walks that you can download and take with you.

For some of the most beautiful walks in our amazing British forests and woodlands, cities, countryside and coasts – here’s our list of the best sites to research.










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