Top 10 Mother’s Day Ideas To Create your own Natural and Personalised Gift Hamper

Mother’s Day Ideas To Surprise your mum

We have put together our top 10 Mother’s Days gifts to help you find the perfect tailormade present for your mother or loved one.  With handpicked suggestions of eco and natural products create a personalised, super cool hamper or gift basket for your Mum. We have included lots of natural product combinations from the best in skin care through to edible treats (the basket is not included but don’t worry they are easy to find locally or even better recycle an existing straw basket or hamper you have at home to create your own eco and sustainable creation).

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In this last minute, mother’s day gift guide finds different daily products with an environmentally friendly twist alongside unique products such as mouth-watering raw and natural chocolate or a cute starter kit to make your own raw chocolate. Everything from hair care treatments (natural shampoo and conditioner) to skin brightening treatments and even an acupressure bracelet which will offer mothers relief from common ailments).

We have also thought of mood-enhancing gifts for the home such as natural candles and atmospheric room mists to create a stress-free environment for your Mum to relax in, after all she deserves it! Other ideas include a selection of natural handmade soaps and a set of natural anti-ageing creams to recover from those stressful moments that come with being a mother! Mummies deserve the best so carry on reading for endless ideas and remember all those amazing moments you have spent with your loved ones, Mums and Nans (they are mothers too) as they are so worth a special heartfelt surprise this Mother’s Day.

Although Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide we realise a lot of countries celebrate Mother’s day on different dates and at different times of the year. For instance, Norway was the first to celebrate Mother’s Day this year on 10th February and Indonesia will be the last on 22nd December. We do hope for those not yet celebrating Mother’s Day can plan ahead and return to this feature for inspiration. With the UK’s Mothering Sunday this March 31st many people will be giving serious thought to how they will be celebrating with their Mothers this weekend. The United States and many other countries celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday May 12th this year so there is more time to prepare for the great day!

How would you describe a Mother’s love?

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If I close my eyes and let myself sink back into the depths of time, through mists of petty latter-day worries and little things, I can still see a light. Dim and comforting, its yellow glow surrounds me in a radiance of warmth. And I remember.

I remember my mother’s warm cuddles and her hand gently stroking my hair. I remember her tenderness and the softness of her presence and I remember the feeling of pure contentment, of safety and of being in a place that was made just for me.

Why is Mother’s Day so important?

It seems such a little thing given the permanent presence, the all-consuming influence in our lives, but Mother’s Day is a time that allows us to cut through the absurdity, the jumble and the things of lesser importance that take up so much of our lives. It provides a great way of taking a bit of time to remember just how much our mothers have done for us and how much they have encouraged and guided us.

Who should we congratulate this Mother’s Day?

Anyone who has made our lives that little bit richer. Anyone who has given meaning to all the raw static of modern-day living could and should be the beneficiary of a kind thought. Whether it’s a mother or a mother to be, a sister with children, a beloved granny or a close friend, or even a cat that has just given birth and gently licks her kittens as if trying to ease the shock of birth – all of them are worthy of celebration and all of them can be recipients of a small reminder of our love.

What is the meaning of Mother’s Day for us?

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No small momentary token can really show our appreciation of all the things, both large and small that these inspirational women have done for us throughout our lives. Of course, the love a mother gives is never demanding, never asking for anything in return other than a healthy, happy child who takes the security of their mother’s love into adulthood. Nor is there anything other than returning this love that she so freely gives that can make her feel secure in our emotions. For us, this is the idea of Mother’s Day. It is a feeling of gratitude that we try to show to our mothers. It is not about expensive or cheap gifts, it is about offering our mothers the most grateful act from deep within sour hearts.

How could you show gratitude to your very loved Mother?

There is nothing like showing that you care, that you do appreciate all she’s done and that she is indeed loved. A small token, whilst it cannot compensate the effort involved in our development, can provide rare intimacy between you and those you love, an instant in which time can be reduced to the fleeting, yet an endless moment of the present and in which you can be surrounded by a bubble of experience shared.

So, what do we give this special person who has so dominated our thoughts and even the way we look at the world? Trying to be thoughtful to both our loved ones and to the planet we all live on can, at times be stressful but it is something we strive for. It’s just as well then that those nice people at have got us covered. There are many options for showing our appreciation and, even if we are far from the place where we grew up or far from the ones we love distance should not prevent a special act for your mother on this day. In today’s world it’s just a question of clicking a mouse button and your thought arrives at the speed of light.

Perhaps we can make some suggestions? Here are some examples of thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts you will find on our pages:

How to create a personalised and natural hamper for Mother’s Day?

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Make it extra special for Mum this year with a truly unique natural hamper or basket which you can decorate yourself with flowers and ribbon. Your Mother will absolutely adore anything that has been made with love. Here are some options of eco-friendly, organic and natural products that are all sustainably produced and available online. Choose a combination to suit your Mother’s needs and then arrange your selection in a homemade or recycled basket which you have found.

Acupressure Bracelets: If your mother suffers from headaches, insomnia or anxiety, one of these acupressure wrist bands is an amazing gift that can provide relief from pain.

Crystal Healing Bracelets - Types of Crystal Healings
Click on the image if you want to know more about these bracelets


Raw Chocolate Making Starter Kit: Chocolate is always a good option, but how cool would it be if you give her a raw chocolate starter kit so she will be able to make her own chocolate? It’s an easy way to give her a unique present where she could not only enjoy the taste but also have fun producing something everyone loves!

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Exquisite Collection: As we all know, the women in our lives have an inner light that glows naturally. But what about if her skin could it be allowed to shine even brighter? Try this natural cream, we are sure she will be thrilled to incorporate natural methods into her daily beauty routine.

Radiance of Venus: A skin-brightener from one of our bestsellers at Fitzjohn Skincare. As they describe “Once applied, your loved one’s skin will attain the radiance of Venus”. Any Mother certainly deserves a luxurious skin treatment with promising results.

Lily’s Raw Cacao: Lily’s Raw Cacao has a wide range of chocolate bars and treats. If your favourite lady has a sweet tooth then be sure to include these delicious chocolates and momentarily blow out any diet she might be following after all Raw Cacao has lots of medicinal benefits!

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Calm Soy Candle with Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary and Frankincense essential Oils: Remember all those warm baths and those towels that wrapped you in a cocoon of safety? Now is the time to let your Mother pamper herself and enjoy a relaxing aura of calm and tranquility.

No Ordinary Products: From a supplier who is all too aware of the value of caring for our environment, this superlative range of hair care products will ensure a natural and balanced treatment for your Mother’s all-important tresses.

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Sshvug natural soap: They say it very well and we suggest keeping your beautiful scented soaps wrapped in a chest of drawers to give a lovely scent to your clothes before use … “Once opened, the fragrance locked in our soaps slowly diffuses the air, if you keep it wrapped in its packaging until you want to use it, the delicate perfume will cover you in a delightful scent as you bathe.”

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Vaneda Natural Cosmetics: Mothers always believe they are getting old before their time. How about including some gentle, anti-ageing creams and lotions that will not only make your loved one look great but will make her feel special too.

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YouOrganic Skin Care: Founder, Ursula had a bright idea when she was looking for something to treat her own skin problems and made her own treatment using only natural materials and essential oils filled with vitamins to leave her skin feeling smooth and radiant. These night balms are a must for all delicate skin types.

Why we love our Mums so much?

Mothers are always present, always attentive and always providing unquestioning love. All of our experiences are unique. No-one can share the emotions we alone have known, and no-one can experience the matchless feeling of belonging that a mother’s love creates within us. Most of us are able to empathise with these emotions and all of us have wonderful mothers or have known women of strength whose resilience and silent power we admire, respect and love very much.

Without even realising it, our lives are dominated by the presence of the one person who has given us life, who has nurtured us and provided us with a guiding vision to make sense of the world around us. Unless we stop to think about it, perhaps the one person we don’t really ever see or even take time to look at is our mother, simply because she is always there. Perhaps even the ultimate definition of ‘taking someone for granted’ is embodied by our mothers.

A little gift can make her day and show her that you really do care. Make your Mum smile by surprising her with a unique delightfully personalised natural hamper a bespoke creation just for her.


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