Why Sustainability Is So Important To Organics.com and Our Planet

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How Organics.com originated?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and how we think about our business. Do you know how Organics.com originated? Our business roots and beginnings as a natural and organic marketplace were born from our parent company Organicsgroup.com. In 1996 Organics started as a small UK based engineering company “Organics Energy” who were pioneering design and engineering to create renewable energy.

Over the last twenty years, the Organics Group has grown into a global company with offices around the world helping communities in Asia (Organics Group Asia) including Indonesia (Organics Indonesia) and Malaysia (Organics Malaysia), the UK (Organics UK), the US (Organics US), Australia (Organics Australia) and a number of countries further afield. Organics Group works with businesses and governments to make essential energy production cleaner and greener, manufacturing and installing equipment that does just this.

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These fundamental environmental and sustainable values are at the heart of our Organics.com marketplace whether it is about renewable energy, cleaner water, or natural chemical-free processes and products – we share the same sustainable principles as our parent company organicsgroup.com “to contribute to a much cleaner, healthier and more sustainable environment for our planet to thrive”.

To read more about the Engineering side of the business and the team behind these go green, eco-friendly initiatives visit: organicsgroup.com

Why is leading a sustainable life in business and at home so important to us?

Sustainability is vital for the simple reason that we cannot maintain our quality of life as human beings and the diversity of life on this Earth unless we embrace and protect our natural ecosystems. If businesses and families do not address sustainability on a global scale then as the science shows we will run out of fossil fuels, millions of animal species will become extinct and we will end up damaging the atmosphere beyond repair.

What is Sustainability?

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The concept of sustainability is not a new one, many ancient communities lived in harmony with nature however this way of life and equilibrium got lost as countries and those governing them dramatically accelerated their economies with industrialisation, mass production and consumerism.


To define sustainability would be to describe an ecosystem, lifestyle or community that supports itself having both an interface with its existing natural systems and natural culture. As a philosophy sustainability can be defined by three core interrelating elements; environmental protection, social development and economic development.


Environmental Protection & Sustainability:

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Supporting and creating a sustainable ecosystem means placing a significant focus on environmental protection which our parent company organicsgroup.com does with every project they accept around the world.  Our interactions with the environment are only “sustainable” if they do not destroy and deplete the environment and the Earth’s resources. Environmental protection means examining our behaviour and acting in an environmentally positive way.

Positive Changes for Sustainable Living At Home:

To preserve the planet and our quality of life we must live in a sustainable way at home. Some of the most important ways we can do this are by reducing, reusing and recycling. Becoming more self-sufficient and adopting a “less is more approach” works. Lifestyle choices such as growing your own herbs and vegetables and making wise purchasing decisions all contribute.

Our personal actions may not seem like much in the short-term, but they add up over time and it is important to educate and empower everyone to do the same by demonstrating a holistic approach to sustainable living. This could mean conserving water in the house and garden, using rainwater where possible (consider installing rain barrels) and if you have a garden – choose plants native to your area that have evolved to thrive under the natural conditions.  Simple everyday actions like turning lights off when you leave a room are also ways to conserve energy at home.

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A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Living:

From the moment we wake up until the moment we fall asleep, we are making decisions that impact whether or not we’re supporting sustainable lifestyle practices. How much water we use when showering or brushing our teeth, the source of the cereal we have for breakfast, the transportation method we use for commuting—these are all small but important things to consider.

Reducing waste and reusing items is vital and recycling should be something of an almost-last resort. Recycling is better than simply sending materials to the landfill, but it’s best to reduce waste, to begin with.

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Be A Conscious Consumer:

The products we buy and use either contribute to a sustainable lifestyle or detract from it. It is important to consider if your products are chemical-free; look carefully at the ingredients and certification. Start by considering your household cleaning products and research environmentally friendly cleaners, or make your own. Everyday household products such as baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice can be remarkably effective for many household cleaning tasks.

Consider the materials from which your clothing is made and where and how it is made and by whom. Remember that sustainability isn’t just about the “natural” environment, it’s about human quality of life also. Supporting ethical, transparent and fair-trade practices is paramount. Purchasing something that is a bit more expensive, but made under conditions that are sustainable from not only an environmental but a social standpoint is the better choice—and it’s probably more economical than you realize since these goods should last longer.


Go Organic:

One of the key things that we must understand about sustainability is that it stresses the interconnectedness of different elements in the environment: human beings, ecosystems, animal life, etc. Nearly everywhere we look, we can find examples of sustainable (or unsustainable) practices – buying organic wine, organic food and using organic beauty products without the need for harmful chemicals or pesticides is ultimately much better for us and the environment. If you are looking for organic health, beauty and lifestyle inspiration you have come to the right place Organics.com.

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