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Good advice for great images.


We cannot emphasise enough how important your product images are.

Web audiences are image driven. A good image will attract people, but a bad image will make people leave your page and stop looking.

Images speak a thousand words, and volumes about your brand. Especially if you are selling products online.

If they look badly shot, dark, out of focus or a bit shabby – that how potential customers will see you.

Make sure your pictures are great.

They must be:

  1. In focus
  2. Well framed
  3. Well lit
  4. Product on white background – preferably no props or additions.
  5. Correct size / resolution

Here’s a great guide to taking pictures with your smartphone – we couldn’t give better advice than this.

Images must fit the site dimensions set on profile pages.

For example, a ‘banner’ image is rectangular and will differ from a product picture.

Check your images fit. Re-size them if they don’t.

Your images should not look pixelated, which it will if it is too small, or low quality.


Images Sizes for

Shop Banner Product images Logo Image File types
1897px x 871px between

300px X 300px /

600px x 600px

300px x 300px jpg, jpeg, png
Rectangle shape Square shape Square shape

Finding out your image size and file type for PC Users:

If the image is in a file (not on the desktop) hover the mouse over the image. An info box appears with image size and file type.

To find more detail, right click. From the drop-down menu, select properties, the details. This tells you image size and type (png. / jpeg. / gif. )

It is tempting to show off your products by adding flowers, or other props – or setting them in your garden. Don’t.

Customers prefer clean, plain images on plain/white backgrounds, where they can see the product.

Also, if we can’t use your images for our marketing, you will lose out on potential promotions we do. We can only use images that are on neutral backgrounds without props/additions. We take your product images to design ongoing social media promotion, and include them with the site branding.

If your images are low resolution, or too small, or badly shot – and often if the picture includes ‘props’ or extras, we can’t use them. And we can’t promote your products.

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