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You can check this guide in PDF in the following link or scroll down.

Organics Sellers Guide

Here it is a Image Guide that will help you to take the best picture of your products.


Sellers Guide

Welcome to Organics. We want you to have a great experience selling with us and we’re here to help if you need us.

This guide is designed to help you to set up your shop and make your selling journey easier and problem-free.

Your Commission

All vendors registering with Organics from 1st February 2017 do so on a 23% commission basis. This is a ‘flat-fee’. It means that vendors are paid 77% of their order value plus the full value of the shipping. Organics will pay your total commission for the month within the first week of the following calendar month.

Setting Up Your Shop

After you log in with your username and password, click Dashboard to get to your control area. It looks like this.

Sellers Guide 1


This is your personal ‘landing page’. It will give you up to date summaries of your sales and commission status. You can search between dates if you need to check sales from a specific time-frame.

Your Dashboard / Settings / Store

Store name – Enter your shop name as customers will see it.

Store Description

Description – what do you make or sell? Where you are based, what do you specialise in, who is your product for? What is great or unique about your product range?

Our tip: Keep it short. Say exactly what you do / what you sell

Sellers Info – Your Story

Why did you start? What’s your passion? Where do your ingredients come from? Do you make your own products? How?

We all have a story. Tell yours to your customers and they’ll remember you.

Use the Sellers Profile section to give a little background about you and your brand. But again, don’t write a novel. Keep it short and succinct. We recommend around 100 words.

Our tip: Online audiences like information, but only if they can read through it on 20 – 30 seconds.

Terms and Conditions

Upload your selling Terms & Conditions here. These tell your customers how you operate and are very important.

They should cover your shipping, how you will deal with returns or complaints, what service you are offering your customers etc. As Organics administers the payment process for you and is your commercial agent, you must have your own terms and conditions for selling to keep your store covered legally and to which Organics can refer if needed. Your Terms and Conditions are the first and most important agreement reference between you and a seller. If a refund is required, you will refund the customer directly.

Terms and conditions don’t have to be complicated – just clear about how you, as a seller, will deal with customer issues and under what terms you sell your products.

Our Tip: We recommend you look at other sellers Terms & Conditions and research selling terms and conditions as much as you can. You don’t have to be a legal pro to write them – just clear about how you will operate.

Your details

Add your contact details, address, number, website etc. These are not displayed publicly and are part of your registration with us.

Dashboard / Settings / Branding


Upload a banner image that will make your store unique.

Use one of your own photographs if it is high resolution and fits the store banner area (1897px x 871px)

Once you have uploaded your background banner image, you can upload your logo.

Your logo image should be square, and as always, good quality. Once you upload your logo, it will appear on your banner.

If the images you use do not fit, or are of low quality or resolution (they look pixelated) we may not approve your shop for public display. We can advise you to get good image branding.

We cannot emphasize enough how important good quality image are for sales.

We have an Image Guide for how to best use your images. You can download it or read online. We strongly recommend you use that guide to help you with images.

Our tip: If you want to find a great image, search through the photography



These sites are great for royalty free images.

Dashboard / Settings / Payment

Add your correct mail address for your PayPal account here

To enable you to sell to your customers on Organics Marketplace you will need to connect your PayPal account to your Administration Panel.

If you do not have a PayPal Business account, visit the PayPal site and follow the steps to open an account. If you need more help contact an account manager directly, so they can advise you on what is required.

When an order is placed by a customer, they make one payment to Organics whether it is a single or multiple product order.

The seller (you) is notified of the order. We make immediate (or within 2 working days) payment to you with commission deducted so you don’t have to do the admin.

Dashboard / Settings / Shipping

Choose how you will ship items.

1.- How much you will charge per single item

2.- How much you will charge for grouped items

3.- How will you group the items.

Shipping costs must be set to enable purchase. If shipping is not set, our system will not permit items to be completed in a customer’s basket.

Your shop cannot be approved to go live unless you have set your shipping costs. At a minimum, a flat rate per single item should be entered.

Your shipping area looks like this


Sellers Guide 2



In ‘Country’ choose the ‘destination country. This must be the two-letter code of the country, not the full name. Eg: GB (Great Britain).

Then, set your shipping fee. This is how much you will charge a customer for postage for one item/order.

For example: to ship one candle in GB, you may charge £2.99

To Add a shipping Rate for another country, click ‘Add Rate’ and set your destination country. For example; France (FR). Then your shipping to France.

EG: one candle to France you charge £5.99 to ship.

You have now set your ‘Flat Rate’.


Shipping Rates for more than 1 item.


Now, you set your shipping rates for more than one item. In the area – as below.

You must group items here.


Sellers Guide 3


For example, you charge £5.99 to ship 2 – 4 items.

In the first ‘Quantity’ field, you enter 2 (the lowest number of the grouping)

In the next ‘Quantity’ filed, you would enter 5 (the lowest number of the grouping)

So, 2 – 4 items costs 5.99

Work out how much to charge for an item, and how to ‘group’ your items and what to charge per group.

If you need help, contact us.


Dashboard / Products


Adding your products is an easy step-by-step process. Press “Add Products” and follow the page through. You can set your price, describe your products and add keywords for search engines.


We cannot say strongly enough how important images are to your sales. They are crucial. They must be the right size and shape. If not, you should get new ones. Customers respond to great images of products, and equally will be put off by bad images. Bad images are those that don’t fit the image area, are low quality or resolution, out of focus, badly lit etc.

Read or download our guide on good images.

Listing Goods

Good listings create sales.

Give straightforward descriptions of your products. Highlight natural, organic ingredients. Highlight benefits – to skin, or hair for example. Is it dairy-free? Vegan? Keep it as brief as you can. Imagine what a customer would want to know.


Use the categories available on the site, for example ‘haircare’ ‘bodycare’, gifts, seasonal etc. Don’t use too many. This doesn’t help. Be clear about where your product fits.

Tag Words

DO complete the tag words box. These are the ‘keywords’ people will use to search for your product. Keep it simple. Use a few clear words rather than trying to cover everything. We recommend 3 – 4 max. Using 20 tag words does not help people find your product. In fact, the opposite is true.


Here, you can add ‘Organic’, ‘Natural’ etc. to each product from the drop-down menu. You must ensure attributes you give to a product are correct and can be evidenced. If you describe a product incorrectly, you are liable for potential complaints. Be careful. Make sure your products fit either Organics standards as described, or you have solid certification if you describe your product as Organic or 100% Natural.

Dashboard / Orders

You can easily view your order histories here by dates and periods of time.

Dashboard / Coupons

Use this section to add a discount or offer to your product/s

Dashboard / View store

You can see how your store looks to customers. You can view this as you are building your store.

It’s good to keep checking that what you are writing, or copying and pasting in your dashboard looks good in your shop.

For example, by checking back to the customer view, you may discover that your info text is too long. Or that the title of a product is much too long for the space available. Or that your banner image, or product images are not looking good. Verification

It’s our own verification. It is designed to help customers identify product attributes with ease.

We trust that you will label correctly. We created different badges so customers can easily see what they are buying so you can include these on your product areas if applicable.

You may have gained, for example, Soil Association verification. If you have, add this to your product page also.

This is our own system and requires complete transparency. Shop’s product labeling must be accurate and honest. If found not to be, we can remove the shop/seller or product from the site) so please use it responsibly.

Below are the Organics Verification icons you can use.


top alkaline formers and acid busters (7)


How to calculate your Natural/Organic Percentage

1. If the organic or natural content is made up of liquid and solids, the percentage is determined by dividing the combined weight of the combined organic or natural ingredients by the total weight of the finished product.

2. If the organic or natural ingredients are made of entirely solid or liquid ingredients, add the volume of the solid or liquid ingredients together then divide that with the volume of the finished product.


Notes: Do not include salt and water in the above calculations.
Also, for ease round up the percentage to the nearest whole number.

Upload Your Shop Policies

Your store policies (Delivery, returns, refunds etc.) are important and tell your customer what to expect from you. Customers will look at your policies so make sure they are clear and informative.

Terms and Conditions

Your Terms and Conditions are there to protect you as a shop owner, please make sure you fill this section. It’s required before your shop can go live. Don’t forget to add:

Your company address.

Your company registration number (if applicable)

Your country of registration.

Your VAT number (if applicable)

If you’re unsure how or what to set as your policies, the internet has plenty of good resources for ecommerce sellers, or have a look at other sellers’ T&C’s

It may feel all a little serious, but having these does help clarify when situations go wrong.

Your Delivery Policy

Consider describing how you will package their items. Will you offer gift-wrapping services? Will you send them in boxes? Will the packaging be eco-friendly?

How will you handle combined shipping?

How many days will it usually take to process an order and ship it to the customer?

Which courier will you use to ship out the customer’s items?

Which delivery option will you select from your courier?

Will you ship internationally? If so, don’t forget to mention that customs can delay shipping times by up to 6 weeks depending upon where the customer is located, as well as custom fees the customer may incur.

Can customers request extra for additional charge? For example, insurance, quicker shipping time.

Give estimated shipping times; it’s always good to overestimate by a day or two.

Lastly, consider offering free shipping and handling if budget permits.

Your Returns and Refunds Policy

Customers should have a minimum 14-day time period in which they can request a return or refund. This complies with the United Kingdom Distance Selling Regulations and only applies to UK based sellers.

If you don’t accept returns or refunds, you must say so clearly so the customer does not assume you do.

If you do accept returns or offer refunds be clear on your time frames. How long after receiving an item can the customer request a refund or return?

How will you deal with an exchange request?

How will you handle lost or damaged goods in the post?

On what conditions do you accept returns?

What address should your customer return to?


How to Handle Postage Problems

Sellers are responsible for packages sent until the buyer receives them. This means that you are responsible for anything lost or damaged in the post. The best thing to do is to check the compensation terms and conditions of the postal service before using them; this way you will be prepared if anything were to happen.

Each courier will have varying Terms & Conditions. Make sure you have read and understand them when choosing your service. Some will offer compensation in certain circumstances. If your customer complains to you that a delivery item from you has been damaged in the post, you must be clear how you will refund / exchange etc.

You should ask your customer for photographic evidence of damage to help your claim with your courier service.


You should ask your customer to return the package to you. You would have to cover return shipping in this case. Whether you can reclaim this from your courier service will be in their Terms and Conditions.


You should ask your customer to keep hold of the item for you in case it is needed as evidence for you claim.

Whilst a tracking service may cost more, it is often worth having your deliveries tracked. If you can offer your customer a tracking facility this can protect you both against lost or damaged items.

Postage, returns and refunds are entirely the responsibility of the seller. Please make sure you have considered what you need to, and that you have planned for all eventualities.

Postage Tips

Wrap and pack your packages so they are safe and secure.
Ensure you use the full postal address provided when addressing your item(s).
Be sure to include the return address on the package. You don’t need you full address; you can just put your postcode and house number e.g ORG M43 (14)
Make sure you pay the correct postage tariff for your package to avoid delays and your buyer having to pay additional costs.

Protect Yourself

Protecting Yourself against Buyer Fraud / Safe Selling Online

Our Tips: By following these tips, you will have a better relationship with your customers.


Track your packages


To avoid ‘item not delivered’ claims always provide a tracking number for your orders. Many postal companies offer tracking services, a cheaper alternative would be to use signed for deliveries.

Keep hold of your evidence to protect yourself if a claim is made in the future.

Insure high-valued goods

If you are sending something with high-value you must insure your package so that if anything was to go wrong you can be compensated.

Always go for a postal service that offers a signature on delivery, this way you can be protected by PayPal’s Seller Protection scheme.

Check order details carefully. Be suspicious of a different billing address. A tell-tale sign of a fraudulent buyer is when the delivery address is in a different country to the billing address. The best thing to do is to contact the email address displayed on the PayPal details or contact Paypal customer services if you are unsure


Our Tips for Policies: Things to Remember

Check policies for spelling or grammar mistakes. Use a spellcheck tool.

Use a friendly, polite tone. Be clear and concise.

If a customer asks questions about your policies, take note and if necessary, change or amend them.

Fulfil and honour your policies. Honesty is the best policy.


Orders and Payments

How Orders Work

When customer orders a product, they do so via the website and their immediate payment comes to Organics secure account.

Organics notifies you of the order and you dispatch it directly to the customer.

How Your Payment Works

We will pay you for the products you have sold the previous month in the first week of the following month minus your commission fee.

For example; £100 minus 23% = £77 is due to you.

Organics makes the payment for products sold minus commission to your Paypal account.

Customer Service

Mostly, they’ll be leaving you glowing reviews! Aim for that – but little things can and do go wrong.

Basics are:

respond quickly to all communication.

Always be positive, polite and professional (even if a customer is being less than polite).

Acknowledge the issue, and strive to find solutions.

If you are unable to fulfill an order, you must notify the buyer and come up with a resolution. Will your customer wait if it is an issue with stock? If not you must refund and cancel the order.

Communicate delivery times and keep the customer updated so there is no confusion. If possible provide online tracking and delivery confirmation

If you’re out of stock, let them know immediately.

If you’re dispatching later than promised, let them know.

Generally speaking, we find most issues are resolved easily with good communication.

Even if things go a bit wrong, we find that people remember how well it was handled, not the actual problem. Its all about service.

However, if it doesn’t go well, we will do our best to help you and the customer resolve a problem.

(note: If a seller’s transactions are consistently flagged as problematic, we review the store and we can close it if we feel it is undermining the wider seller community.)


And finally..

With us, you run your business how you want. We want sellers to be seen to have great products, and the best ethics in selling.

However, little things can go unexpectedly wrong, and we are here to help when they do. If you can’t resolve an issue with a customer or you’re stuck about policies, we can help out.

And remember – stay in touch with us.

If you have a story about you or your business, your products, your inspiration – or you have great ideas or environmentally friendly tips, you could be our featured seller. We can help to promote you if we know about you. Never be afraid to send us updates, successes, awards you’ve received, stories about you and your business. Email us and we will be in touch.

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