Pure Rose Oil Natural Anti-Aging Facial Spa Kit


Prepare your own anti-aging facial spa at home with pure natural oils.

Each product in the kit has been carefully chosen to add its own therapeutic cosmetic value and help you to achieve anti-aging effect on your skin.

Product Description

* Pure Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil 5 ml
* Pure Rosehip Oil 50 ml
* Organic Pure Bulgarian Rose Water 100 ml

Step 1: Clean your face with Organic Rose Water. For better results, use cotton.

Step 2: Add a very small quantity of Bulgarian Rose Oil in Rosehip Oil. (We recommend you do not exceed 0.025% of Rose Oil when diluting it in Rosehip Oil)

Step 3: Massage the mixed oil liquid to your face and neck until it absorbs well in the skin.

Skin Benefits:

The Rose Water, made of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena, carries a wide range of health and beauty benefits.

– It has anti-aging and cell-rejuvenating properties.
– It balances the skin Ph level and removes shiny effect.
– It helps to soothe skin irritations.

The Rose Otto Oil, extracted from the petals of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena, is a preferred essential oil choice for anti-aging skincare due to its rejuvenating properties.

– It supports cells and tissue regeneration which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
– Improves skin’s elasticity.

The Rosehip Oil is a dry oil, an excellent base oil choice for anti-aging skincare therapy.

– Rich on essential fatty acids, it prevents skin aging and helps to reduce wrinkles.
– Rich on antioxidants, it treats all types of blemishes.
– High in Vitamin C, it can reduce age spots.
– Great natural skincare moisturizer.

The facial spa therapy can be applied daily.

*Word of caution:
The Pure Rose Oil is highly concentrated in natural chemicals liquid and while they carry powerful healing properties, they can also be aggressive on the skin if the oil is not diluted. Therefore ensure you dilute well the Rose Oil in the Rosehip Oil before application on the skin.
Our recommendation is not to exceed 0.025% of rose oil content.

All products in the box are fully certified for authenticity and EU quality standards.


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