Original Thalassotherapy Skin Spa Treatment


Original Thalassotherapy Skin Spa Treatment delivers a moisturizing, gentle cleanser with detoxification and re-mineralization properties. If your skin is dull, dry, premature aged, sensitive, combination or normal, you will be able to notice your skin improving almost instantly.

A complete Thalassotherapy spa treatment, using the same top quality ingredients used in worldclass 5-star resort Thalassotherapy Healing Centers. Formulated using the finest, natural, organic, raw & unprocessed plant based ingredients from both land and sea; sea salt, mud and clay. This complete spa treatment is carefully, added into an original recipe, moisturizing, gentle cleansing handcrafted soap. The soap recipe was developed specifically to compliment the needs, types and conditions being addressed by the Original Thalassotherapy Spa Treatment.

Spa Treatments offered by 5-star resort spas do provide exceptional improvements to the look and condition of skin. Although they do provide options for multiple treatments throughout the length of your stay, it still leaves a gap in between stays. Without daily maintenance, even the most intensive restorative skin treatments will result in a backslide until the next stay can rectify.

Your use of Thalassotherapy Skin Spa, Daily Treatments, allows your skin to continuously improve upon its best health with access to daily application. Everyday use allows you to surpass the usual results. Since there is no interim between treatments, there is no deterioration to your skins best condition. Only a constant bettering. You get the added benefit of using your Skin Spa Treatment with the privacy and convenience that only comes with at home use.

Replace and restore vital nutrients required for optimum health of your skin, health and beauty. The Original Thalassotherapy Skin Spa was developed to be used in the shower or bath, while steam and heat have opened pores to their fullest, putting them into a most receptive state to absorb the high concentration of essential nutrition; vitamins, minerals and trace minerals and other elements. You experience noticeable results faster and are easier maintained through the daily application. You also have the added benefit of privacy and convenience that only comes from at home use.

Paying tribute to the traditional methods of the 3000+ year old craft, Original Thalassotherapy Skin Spa Treatment is hand mixed, hand poured and hand cut. Your Original Thalassotherapy will be an original brick, a work of art. We believe the characteristic markings created by following the ancient traditions of crafting soap, by hand, are beautiful and should be featured rather than removed and covered up.

The resulting union is a unique hybrid category. A luxurious, daily use, Skin Spa Treatment + cleanser for you to use in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

You only need to replace your usual cleanser/wash with your new Skin Spa Treatment. Skin Spa Treatments provide exceptional detoxification, remineralization & cleansing for all skin types, making this one product able to replace all cleansers you currently use.

You will receive all the benefits of a 5-star spa treatment, every day, with the same, or less, time and effort as you put into your current bathing routine.

You skin will become revived, brighter, less aged, tone and texture will even out, your pores will become smaller and less noticeable. If you have blemishes, oily, acne prone skin, if blackheads are common, you will see an big improvement as the accumulated sebum and shed skin cells are extracted without the need for harmful chemicals, dangerous medications or invasive means that lead to a host of other problems. Your pores will become smaller, your skin more even and your sebum production evens out.

If you do use Original Thalassotherapy Spa Treatment, or another Skin Spa Treatment, you should be using a good, natural, safe moisturizer to help seal in the moisture, rebuild your skins barrier function, etc., to put a “finish” on your skin.

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Product Description

Original Thalassotherapy Spa Treatment is a 4.0 oz (minimal) hand crafted, hand poured and hand cut solid brick.

ingredients: olive oil, avocado oil*, raw unrefined extra virgin coconut oil*, hemp seed oil*, castor oil(hexane free), raw unrefined cocoa butter*,raw unrefined shea butter, sodium hydroxide, spring water, soybean oil*, sunflower oil*, raw sugar*, dead sea mineral mud, sodium bentonite clay, kelp*, nori*; pure essential oils: peppermint* lemon*& eucalyptus*

*USDA Certified Organic Ingredients
Unmarked ingredients are either inorganic or produced organically and not certified or wild harvested.

The brick you receive is a one-of-a-kind item, no two are ever the exact same, in appearance. The quality, purity and workmanship will never change. Each batch had been mixed, poured and cut by hand as we try to stay as true as we can to the traditional methods of soapmaking. As with most handcrafted products, there will be variations between every one.Yours will be a unique work of art.

Your Skin Spa Treatment will last considerably longer if you keep it on a wooden soap dish that allows adequate air flow. Since there are no preservatives used, it will melt very fast if left in standing water. Another ‘tip’ to prolong the life is to cut it in 1/2, leaving one piece in a dry area with air flow as you use the other piece.

As a handcrafted product, please expect variations in yours. The item pictured represents, but is not, the one you will receive.


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