Liquid Gold Youth Serum


Formulated using the finest quality, natural ingredients that have been proven effective in possessing a range of beneficial properties to improve the look, feel and overall health of damaged and aged skin.

Liquid Gold has taken years to develop to this perfect fusion of the most powerful, skin beneficial plant based active ingredients. A uniquely potent fusion of botanical essences that will come to you in concentrated form that has been neither diluted nor diminished by added water or fillers. Every drop is pure Liquid Gold to your skin, capable of reducing the appearance of wrinkles, lines, spots, minimize pores, even tone, texture, normalizing oil and moisture content; reduce acne scars, surgical scars, burn scars, cutting scars and scar tissue. Helping you claim your soft, beautiful, flawless skin that comes from healthy skin.

Liquid Gold goes deep into dermal layers to promote new, healthy cell regeneration to stimulate and accelerate healing from within.

Liquid Gold allows you to discretely minimize the appearance of scars and other embarrassing markings that have become permanent reminders etched on your skin. This includes self inflicted damages such as cutting scars. Your past is nobody’s business, unless you decide to make it so. Liquid Gold will help you minimize visible scarring to give you your privacy back. This is one of the few safe, natural, effective and non-invasive products to help you minimize the appearance of scars from cutting

A potent anti-aging serum, formulated without using water or fillers that dilute the intended healing benefits. Each ingredient has been studied and proven to possess phenomenal properties to improve your skins health, condition, texture and appearance.

Liquid Gold Youth Serum will provide healing, nutritional benefits to all skin, regardless of age, type, need or condition.

Created to include ingredients with properties such as:

·Increasing cellular activity, speed healing, protect against free radical damage while restoring moisture, smooth, soften skin.
·Anti-aging, reduce appearance of fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, under eye circles
·Reduce scarring from acne scars, injury scars, cutting scars, scar tissue, injuries, surgical; evens skin tone, reduce pore size, maintain elasticity.
·Protects against future damage from UV, environment, pollutant and nutrition deficiency.
Youth Serum will help rebuild, recondition and re-establish the healthiest condition your skin has ever known.
When you eat food with nutrition intended to improve your skin, the digestive system breaks down the food using digestive enzymes, acids and bile. After being broken down, filtered and neutralized, the remaining is what gets passed on, into your bloodstream to be distributed to your cells. Applying nutrition directly to your skin will cause the nutrients to be better absorbed by your skin. As your skin soaks up the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, beneficial fats, anti-oxidants and the rest, they are absorbed and distributed to every cell in the beneficial state they were applied.

Just a few of the beneficial properties attributed to ingredients in Liquid Gold:

·Regeneration of new tissue growth, speeds healing of wounds
·Reduce appearance of cutting scars, surgical scars, burn scars, acne scars, scar tissue; acne, boils, stretch marks, cuts, abrasions, blisters, burns and other wounds
·Supports healthy cell function, increases cellular activity and helpful against the appearance of broken capillaries
·Promotes healthy skin, helps to clear up conditions including: include acne, blemishes, patchy dry skin, psoriasis, rosacea, perioral dermatitis, hyper-pigmentation
·Balances moisture & oil levels
·Clarifies, evens skin tone and texture, creating smoother, softer skin
·Balances production sebum, clean dirt, oil and bacteria from deep within pores to fight development of acne, brightens skin, creating healthy glow
·Healing for dry, chapped, cracked skin
·Reduces signs of age spots on face hands, neck
·Protects against damage UV, environment, pollutant, nutrition deficiency
·Helps fight free radicals for anti-aging
·Contains Vitamin F (essential fatty acids Omega 3, Omega 6) helpful to repair and create new tissue, *Helpful in the prevention of skin conditions: acne, rash, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
·Helps to restore & repair skins natural barrier function to prevent damage and dryness.
·Maintain skins elasticity, allowing for younger, healthy looking skin

Product Description


pure essential oils: carrot seed*, clary sage*, cypress*, frankincense*, geranium*, ginger*, lavender*, lemongrass*, neroli*, peppermint*, rose geranium*, rosemary*
beeswax, propolis and royal jelly,
chaga mushroom, horsetail, plantain
raw & unrefined, shea butter; raw, unrefined and fair trade cocoa butter*,
organic, carrier oils: apricot kernel*, argan*, avocado*, black seed*, raw unrefined coconut*, hemp seed*,jojoba*, neem seed*, rosehip seed*, sea buckthorn*, tamanu*
botanicals: kelp*, ginko, gotu kola*, mangosteen*, maca*, ginger*, elderberry phytocide
*USDA Certified Organic
Unmarked ingredients are either inorganic, produced organically and not certified or wild harvested.

Youth Serum does not contain added water or fillers. This is done for purity and modification purposes. As full strength and unadulterated, Liquid Gold Youth Serum can be easily modified to provide adequate oil and moisture levels, depending on the needs of your skin.

How do you find the correct weight for your skin?

·Important Instructions for use: Serum is made of 100% concentrated actives. No water has been added to dilute or diminish the nourishing elements. This allows you to modify your serum according to the needs of your skin. Since this is always changing, we try to give you the ability to adjust moisture/oil levels accordingly.
·Always add water to your hand. Never add water to bottle. Always apply Serum to freshly cleansed skin using clean hands to skin that has been left slightly moistened (lightly pat dry).
·First Application: place 2-3 drops of serum in the palm of one hand. Place the same amount of water (2-3 drops) into other hand. Combine oil and water, mixing between palms. Using a light, gentle touch, pat mixture onto skin of chosen area. Do not rub.
·If skin feels dry 2-3 minutes after applying serum & Dry Skin: If, after applying serum your skin feels less dry, slightly moisten your palms (wet, lightly pat dry. Place 1-2 drops of serum in palm and distribute between palms. Lightly pat onto skin. At next application, increase serum by 1 (one) drop and/or decrease water by 1 (one). If further adjustment needs to be taken, continue by 1’s.
Spa Secrets 4 U products are crafted by hand, on site in small, quality controlled batches

Liquid Gold Youth Serum, 1.0 oz of the finest, natural, organic and wild harvested botanicals ingredients packaged in a plastic free, glass bottle w/glass dropper. Each of the ingredients used to create Youth Serum are raw, unprocessed or minimally processed. Food grade is always used when possible.


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