Hair Repair Solid Shampoo


Your scalp can be healthy, flake & itch free. You can stop hair loss, encourage new, healthier hair growth and find yourself with fast growing, thick, strong hair.

You will be amazed at how much healthier, smoother and luxurious your hair becomes once you stop smothering your hair and scalp in crude oil by products and corrosive chemicals.

A restorative, repairing conditioning shampoo, created to provide high concentrations of nourishing elements imperative to the health of your scalp and hair at the precise time they are most receptive. Your hairs moisture and oil levels will become balanced and normalize. Your scalp will experience an increase of blood circulation, this increased blood flow will carry important nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles that lead to accelerated growth of new, healthy hair.

Combat premature hair loss & thinning, even severe hair loss
Strengthen hair roots, muscles connected to hair follicle muscles
Secure hair shaft to anchor follicle, preventing excessive hair loss
You can end the cycle of damage caused by too many unnecessary chemicals in conventional hair care by switching to simple, effective and natural Hair Repair Solid Shampoo bars. Then you will be on the path to restoring nutrients vital for rebuilding the health of your scalp and hair.

Product Description

Each Hair Rehab Solid Shampoo bar is hand made, hand cut 3.0 oz (minimum) brick. The brick you receive is a one-of-a-kind item, no two are ever the exact same, in appearance. The quality, purity and workmanship will never change. Each batch had been mixed, poured and cut by hand as we try to stay as true as we can to the traditional methods of soapmaking. As with most handcrafted products, there will be variations between every one.Yours will be a unique work of art.

ingredients: spring water, castor oil* (hexane free), raw, unrefined shea butter*, raw unrefined coconut oil*, hemp seed oil*, olive oil*, safflower oil, sunflower oil*, sodium hydroxide, raw unrefined sugar*, neem seed oil*, rosehip oil. Sea Salts: pink himalayan & real.
powdered: kelp* neem leaf*, rosehip*, ginger root*
pure essential oils: tea tree*, rosemary * peppermint
*USDA Certified organic,
Unmarked ingredients are either inorganic or produced organically and not certified or wild harvested.

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