essential oils candles

What are essential oils in candles?

Essential oils, explaining in an easy way, are plant extracts that produce fragrance. You need to know that to create a tiny bottle of essential oil will require several kgs of a plant. Due to this, sometimes essential oils candles can look a bit overpriced. But, we promised they are not if you compare with the costs the seller has to support.

Do essential oil candles work?

There is not any research that proves the beneficial results in human health. Even, if there are a lot of people claiming that essential oils are natural remedies for some ailments. The clinical testings are mixed some of them indicate that alleviate conditions like anxiety, depression, nausea, insomnia, low appetite… but there are others that can not prove any improvement in these conditions.

Where to buy essential oil candles?

In any case, if you want to give a try to essential oils in candles, this is the place you can shop essential oil candles here. Choose between:

Calm Soy Candle with Lavender essential oilsAmethyst Candle with essential oils, Citrine Candle with essential oils, Rose Quartz Candle with essential oils, and Sodalite Candle with essential oils.

Did you know that now you can buy these amazing essential oils in their travel size?

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