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Here’s a brilliantly simple idea to get the kids out and about in nature, making things and helping wildlife too!!

Pine Cone Peanut Butter bird feeders.

Step 1. The Mission.

Wrap everyone up warm, bring a bag and head to a country park (pine trees needed!) Set the little ones off to find the pine trees in the woods. Search for pine cones on the ground and bag the big ones.

If they’re damp, they can be quickly dried on radiators.

When they dry out, they open up. Perfect for .. holding lots of peanut butter.

Step 2. The Messy Fun bit.

You’ll need:

String or old ribbon (if you want your pine cones to look pretty).

Big fat cake knife.

Bowl of peanut butter.

Oat bran.

Bowl of birdseed.

Old newspaper to work on (can get messy)

Tie the string or ribbon around the widest part of the cone.

Mix the oat bran with the peanut butter (good for the birds).

Then start spreading, making sure your little helpers are getting loads of the mix into the cone.

Then, roll the gooey cone in the bowl of birdseed. Done!

Make as many as you want and hang from branches in the garden.

You’ll get the kids out for a nature walk with a mission, have great fun making them, and help the birds in your garden to keep well fed in the winter months. Perfect!

Watch the squirrels though if you have them. They pretty fond of peanut butter too!


Kids Pine Cone Bird Feeders Blog Header

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