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It’s your crowning glory. And to keep it healthy, you need to think beyond the brand and into ingredients. Some of the biggest brands deliver that instant wow factor but can damage hair. As with many cosmetic products, chemicals can produce short term satisfaction, but long term damage.

The most common hair complaints are oily and greasy hair and irritated or itchy scalps. Both can be caused by uncontrolled sebum production.

Sebaceous glands are tiny glands in the skin that secrete an oily or waxy matter, called sebum, to lubricate and waterproof skin and hair. Get the balance wrong, and hair and scalp health suffer. Most hair problems can be attributed to this imbalance and common chemicals in hair products will make it worse with long term use.

What’s needed are natural shampoos and products with organic ingredients that gently balance and cleanse and stimulate circulation around the scalp. This will normalise the problematic sebum production and ultimately leave hair soft and non-greasy, and treat that itchy scalp.

Here’s what to avoid not to have hair problems.

Organic Shampoo for Oily Hair Blog Post

1 What dries you out.

Sodium laurel / laureth sulfate (SLS) – it’s found in industrial detergents and cleansing agents – and in leading brand shampoos. It will severely damage hair by drying it out. Basically, if your shampoo could degrease an engine, you might want to think twice.

2 What breaks you up.

Isopropyl Alcohol – This little number is in antifreeze, wood finish and shellac. Yikes! It’s designed to dissolve oils, so will strip the hair of natural oils and moisture. Hair gels, root lifters, volumisers, and hairsprays may contain it to help hold up a hairstyle – at the risk of having your lovely locks snap off! Avoid.

3 What irritates You.

Proplyene glycol (PG) – found in conditioners, shampoos, hair dyes, and styling gels and lotions, this offender breaks down healthy hair proteins and cellular structure but short term gives the appearance of shiny, smooth hair. Don’t be fooled. Harsh stuff that’ll make you itch.

4 Makes you Brittle

PEG or Polyethylene Glycol. Brilliant for deep cleaning nasty greasy ovens but why is it in your haircare products?! Oh, it’ll get rid of grease alright, but unless you’re regularly deep fat frying your hair, we’d recommend you avoid this one too. It will blast your natural hair balance to pieces.

Be kind to your hair

Natural Shampoo for oily Hair blog Post

It’s all about restoring and maintaining the natural balance. Your body is a genius at producing exactly what it needs for optimal health. Even if you have hair damage and scalp issues now, go for natural and organic products and ingredients. Look for avocado oil, shea, argan, olives and jojoba. These ingredients deliver shine without an oily build up. Citric acid is another good ingredient. It lowers pH balance in shampoos while keeping your hair cuticles flat.
So, especially if you have problem hair, care about your products can save both your hair and your health from some of the nastiest effects of the chemicals found in many common hair care products. Don’t be seduced by the glamourous packaging. Read the small print!

Our Top Healthy Hair Tips


Best Organic Shampoo for greasy hair - Blog Post

As well as swapping to natural and organic products, get into these easy habits for naturally shiny, healthy locks and scalps.

Go easy on the washing.

Two, three times a week is enough. You want the natural oils to work for you, not against you, so allow them to do their thing. If you a gym bunny or need an everyday wash, do go natural or organic. If dry shampoo is your saviour, try a natural ingredient. A little cornstarch if you’re a blondie, cocoa powder if you’re a brunette. Mix with a few drops of essential oil and you’ll look and smell good enough to eat!

Ditch the chemicals.

We just can’t say it enough. A chemical shine is a temporary and potentially damaging solution. Not to mention they are frequently toxic. Avoid. Avoid.

Cold water rinse.

Brrr .. but this little moment of self-inflicted torture is great for your hair. It flattens the outer layer of the hair shafts for smoothness and reduces moisture loss. Not to mention boosting your circulation and improving your mood!

Cool it.

We know you won’t totally ditch the straighteners or the dryer, but.. intense heat is a hair and scalp killer. Give your head a break a few times a week and let it dry naturally. If you are tonging, curling and straightening, find an organic, natural oil or natural protectant for wet hair to give it some defence. Don’t have your styling tool on full blast. Use minimum settings and give your hair a chance.

Trim Regularly.

No more delaying the salon. A quick half inch trim every 6 -8 weeks gets rid of split ends. Damaged ends can travel up the length of the hair and create frizzy, dried out havoc.

There you have it. The do’s and don’t’s. Tumbling, shiny hair and itch-free heads need to natural treatment.
Check out some of our natural and organic hair goodies.

Purifying and Protecting Hair Oil – Vaneda



“With natural ingredients, the Vaneda oil protects hairs against environmental damage of everyday life. Used on wet and dry hair, it creates a fine, health-boosting defence for normal and dry hair”

No Ordinary Shampoo (Balance) For all Hair Types

No Ordinary Shampoo Balance - Shop Natural Products - Organic Online - Haircare


“Balance your senses and your hair will look after itself.  Lavender & Mandarin infused shampoo has been designed to both soothe the scalp and encourage hair growth and shine, whilst Argan oil provides natural moisture to the hair without adding weight. Ideal for all hair types.”



Proskin Rosacea Natural Hair Treatment:
Proskin rosacea natural hair treatment Haircare

“A very effective treatment for scalp rosacea that contains jojoba oil and a unique blend of essential oils that treats the root cause of this medical condition as well as the symptoms. These oils have been used for centuries to effectively treat rosacea and have been clinically proven to heal this skin condition and relieve inflammation, pain, and itching. ”

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