Five Ways to Make Your Day Go Better.

If you wake up with the feeling that you’d rather stay in bed than face the day ahead, you need to re-invent your morning routine!

When your waking thoughts are the meeting you’re dreading, the traffic, your bank balance, or the kid’s exam results – it’s stress. The first thoughts you have of the day are probably the ones that will set your mood and brain patterns for the rest of it.

Negative thoughts spike your cortisol levels, the stress hormone. Chemically, if you allow yourself be get frazzled first thing, it takes a while to settle down. Never mind other littles challenges you’ll deal with during the day.

Time to reprogram how you start the day. The good news is, it’s easy and it works. Here’s 5 starters.

1. Smell Good

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Smell is one of the most powerful senses. Add the right scents to your morning shower and you’ll increase your positive vibes for the day. What’s to lose?
Lavender to help relax and remain calm. Mint to get the brain cells working. Citrus scents to reduce stress. Treat yourself to some gorgeous, organic shower gels with smells that make you feel happy and zingy!

2. Make the Bed!

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Such a simple thing but it’s the first small achievable task of your morning. Turn your crumpled, messed up bed into a freshly made bed – ready for you that night.
It’s the psychology of ‘completion’. A small task completed gives you a small buzz of accomplishment, which sets a positive tone for accomplishing the rest of the day.

3. Throw Down Some Morning Tunes.

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Music is a powerful mood changer. Upbeat tunes improve our mood. No speed metal or thrash though! These kinds of beats and speed can increase anxiety and anger.
Upbeat, happy tunes work like coffee. Your brain works to keep up with the pace, so you think faster, which improves your energy.

Make a morning playlist. Hit Spotify or iTunes and create your perfect morning routine music. Play it while you’re making that bed, brushing teeth, getting breakfast. Hey presto – instant good mood.

4. A Small act of Kindness.

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Research shows that doing one small, nice thing for someone else increases our happiness. If your mood is doom and gloom in the morning, make the effort to tell someone you love them, help someone with their bags, or give some love on facebook.
Simple acts of kindness not only make you feel happier, but less likely to avoid all the things you’re worrying about.

If you made someone smile, the commute seems less bad. If you made someone laugh, that meeting won’t seem so scary. Basically, being nice to people reminds your brain that you have a lot to be thankful for.

5. Avoid The Bad News

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A recent study found that watching or reading 3 minutes of negative news in the morning makes you 27% more likely to be unhappy 6 hours later!
It’s worth remembering that mainstream media loves a bad or scary headline. Don’t turn on the TV or browse the papers online first thing. Instead, change the habit and start your day with inspirational media. If you read about how amazing people have overcome things, or done incredible things, your brain gets inspired. It sets you up for success rather than the hopelessness of some terrible situation in the world.

Seek out positive news sites. Or daily inspiration sites – browse those over your coffee, after your scented shower, with your tidy bed! You’ll never have a bad day again.

Well, OK. Maybe not ‘never’ but we promise, you’ll be having better starts and giving your brain and spirit every chance to make each day positive.

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