Five Symptoms of Spring Fever (No known cure!)

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With the Spring equinox passing through this week past, we have earlier dawns and longer, and warmer evenings to look forward to. Marvellous.

But have you noticed that thing?

There’s maybe a little extra bounce in your step. You jump out of bed easier. You’re smiling at dogs, babies and complete strangers. You’re decluttering and cleaning cupboards. You may be checking out the cute neighbour with a touch more than a twinkle in your eye, you devil.

If you recognise these symptoms, we’re sorry to tell you but you have contracted Spring Fever.

With brighter days on the way and winter fading, it’s perhaps no surprise you’re feeling better about the world.

But, ‘spring fever’ is not just an old wive’s tale. There’s science behind this rather pleasant affliction. If you’re doing any of the five things below, you’ve got it bad.

Later to Bed, Earlier To Rise.

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As well as daylight saving time, more light and sunlight means you produce less melatonin, which helps your brain tell you you’re tired. Less melatonin means you’re more awake.

You Got ‘Happy Face’.

You’re smiling more, petting dogs, singing in the shower – symptoms of the fever for sure. Studies found our bodies produce more serotonin in Spring/Summer. Serotonin is the happy chemical, so you can blame that for your incessant grin.

More Bounce in Your Step

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More sunshine and light means we get more Vitamin D, which gives us extra energy. Which could explain why we start running or doing more exercise. (Along with the prospect of a beach holiday in a few months – added motivation). There’s most definitely a ‘spring in our step’.

You’re Feeling the Love

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If the twinkle in your eye is turning to more carnal thoughts, this lust for life can be explained by an increase in your endorphin levels due to more sunlight. Your body clock is emerging from cold, dark nights. The ancient need to get out there and ensure the survival of the species is a Spring time priority!

You’re All Over Salads and Fresh Fruit.

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Our ancestors experienced food shortages in winter, particularly fresh vegetables and fruit. They would have eaten heavier denser foods during winter months and semi-hibernated. You’re not only following an ancient internal diet clock, but these foods start to become abundant again come Spring. They have more vitamins and minerals, which just keep the happy coming!

If you think you have a bout of Spring Fever, don’t worry too much. There is no known cure, but there is no nicer condition to come down with.

Enjoy the extra spring in your step and keep on smiling.

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