Five Plants That Help You Sleep. Plants Sleeping Room.

Do you have problems to sleep? We have a natural solution. Keep reading to discover which plants will help you to fall asleep. There are a lot of different sleeping plants that you actually can use in your room. We create this list of the 5 plants that help you sleep better that if you combine with this amazing relaxing pillow mist with lavender, Frankincense organic essential oils, and chamomile flower you will get the perfect environment to sleep in your room.

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If you’re a lover of peaceful sleep and bedtime ritual to create a calm atmosphere, these are five plants sleeping room you’ll want.


Peace Lily – one of the most well-known Plants that help you sleep


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A natural air purifier, so ideal for helping you stay in good health and get quality sleep. Because it filters out harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, airborne mould, and other types of allergens it may help breathing and ease respiratory problems.

It can manage low light, but needs some daylight. Water once a week, maybe twice in a sunny spot.

Snake Plant


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Sansevieria Trifasciata or Mother-in-law’s tongue.

Most plants use up oxygen at night, but this one converts CO2 into oxygen at night. It filters nasties like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and benzene from the air. So it’s a very good bedroom friend.

It has even been recommended in a NASA study about improving air quality!

Low maintenance – survives most light conditions and watered once a fortnight.




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Gardenia is a genus of flowering plants in the coffee family, Rubiaceae

Gardenia has an extraordinarily beautiful scent which has a sedative-like effect on the senses. With exquisite blooms, it’s a wonderful bedroom plant.

A little high maintenance, but worth the effort. Loves bright but not direct sunshine. Loves water, but never too much.

If your bedroom needs one of these tropical beauties, do a little research and prepare to love it.




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Lavandula – The scent is well known to create calm and relaxation. An essential oil is recommended for baths, and bed linen to promote relaxation.

But nothing beats the scent that comes from the real thing, helping you to drift off.

A pretty flower and colour, keep one in your bedroom preferably in a good sunny spot.

Pink Jasmine


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(Jasminum polyanthum) The Prettiest little flower so just looking at it will make you happier. It has a beautiful scent which relaxes and calms the spirit. Perfect for a relaxing bedroom atmosphere.

Loves the sun, and if potted (not just the blooms) it doesn’t like to be overwatered. Outside, it’s a vine and grows ridiculously fast. Inside, in a pot, it may be on a ring when it’s flowering.

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