Eight of the Best Reasons to Be on Your Bike.

If you’ve been thinking about dusting off the old Triumph 20 in the garage, or investing in a new bike, now’s your moment. Its National Bike Week. Bike? what’s not to like?

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Weight Loss and Health

A decent hour cycle can burn up to 500 calories! Keeping the waistline trim, and body fat ratios nice and healthy.

It boosts metabolism, so you keep burning calories after the ride. Bonus.

Being aerobic, cycling can help lower the risk of heart disease, type two diabetes, obesity, brain disease, and even cancer.

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It’s Holistic.

Cycling is a full body work out – hips, glutes and upper body, especially if you’re a mountain biker. The upper body works to keep you balanced and co-ordinated. Everything gets strengthened and toned.

It is low impact, so great respiratory and muscle work out, but easy on the old bones. A perfect choice of exercise for older people.

Cycling builds fitness in a truly holistic way.

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It Makes Us Happier, and Smarter!

Being outdoors, you get more daylight/sunlight. Plenty of light and vitamin D helps regulate the circadian rhythm to help you sleep like a baby.

A good cycle lowers cortisol levels in your blood – which gets the feel-good hormones flowing and lower stress levels. AND it boosts mental agility. It’s not just making you feel good, it’s making you smarter!

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It’s Open to All

It can be done anywhere you like, however you want, by anyone at all.

Once you’ve got your bike, you are master of your own destiny whether you are eight or eighty! You pick your own terrains and pace be it cruising a gentle county lane or attacking a mountain.

Once you’ve learned how to stay upright on two wheels, it doesn’t require much more skill than that. It’s not as if you forget how to do it.

You don’t need to train or schedule it into the day, especially if you cycle to work, or school or to visit friends or family. It’s just easy.

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It’s Freedom.

You can compete and race. You can enjoy a leisurely cycle with friends or a partner through nature. You can nip down to the shops. You can whizz past the traffic jams to explore a city. You can fly freewheeling down county lanes. You can challenge yourself over craggy mountainsides. You can do it when and how you want.

It’s freedom, control and exhilaration. It awakens your senses, frees your mind and rejuvenates the spirit.

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It’s Useful.

Most sports don’t serve a purpose beyond the enjoyment and health benefits. Cycling is a work out, but it gets you from A to B as well. We love this.

Cycling has all the health and wellbeing advantages, and doubles as a convenient, cheap and eco way of ‘getting about’. You efficiently move around getting where you need to go, but still be in touch with the world around you.

And no traffic jams, no parking charges, no petrol costs, no roadside breakdowns.

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It’s Environmentally Sound

Bikes don’t use an energy source beyond your (by now) well-toned legs so they don’t pollute. They don’t make noise, they take up less space, they cost the planet a lot less to produce than cars.

Cycling is an excellent way to help reduce the environmental impact of our comings and goings.

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It’s Economically Smart

And last of all, riding a bike is simply a great way to save money. Just think of the cost of commuting in cars. The fuel costs, road tax, maintenance and parking. And if we think long term, all the health benefits and the feel-good factors of cycling may well save on medical bills down the line.

For more info and cycling inspiration visit http://bikeweek.org.uk

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