Digital dating, but like, deep.

Swiping left or right, fake profile pics and dodgy dates. Online dating could harden the most hopeful of hearts.

Is there such a thing as digital dating of depth and discernment?

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It seems there now is.

Welcome ‘MeetMindful’ – the (newish) kid on the block and gaining in popularity in a sea of dating apps and sites. It is focused in cities where people who are into healthy and conscious living and is marketed as a site where ‘quality people’ find other quality people.

Whilst US based mainly, MeetMindful is stretching out globally finding and matching like-minded people. It won the best new dating site award of 2014 and its user base is steadily increasing by the month. It could become one to watch in the UK and Europe too.

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As they say themselves;

“Inspired by mindfulness in all its expressions – from personal growth to spirituality, meditation and more, MeetMindful provides an authentic space for singles to meet each other and create meaningful connections.”

Creating a profile on this app, you are unlikely to be asked what your favourite pizza topping is, and much more likely to be asked what your life mantra is. MeetMindful members tend to be into things like yoga, meditation, eco-living, entrepreneurship, recycling, outdoor exercise, travel and adventures.

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The site claims to be about finding dating, friendship, long term potential and relationships that are spiritually enlightened by matching people with similar value systems and lifestyle choices.

“Our community gathers here with purpose to make authentic connections based on what’s inside.”

In the occasionally harsh world of online dating, it’s rather an attractive offer.
But is it just marketing, or does MeetMindful do what it says?

When signing up to the app, members are asked to choose two of several tabs that interest them. These could be ‘personal growth’ or ‘buying local’, ‘meditation’ or ‘travel’, for example.

The apps’ profile questions are not typical dating site fluff.
Questions like “What Imperfections I am working on changing” to “How do your friends describe you?”.

Stuff like this will undoubtedly lead to those first date conversations being more meaningful. And maybe as MeetMindful believes, create feelings of depth, honesty and authenticity that are missing from standard dating sites.

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It’s not all fluffy love. If tree-hugging or veganism isn’t your thing for example, you can be quite honest about your preferences. Just expect MeetMindful to want to know why they’re deal-breakers. They aren’t too scared to ask!

Maybe then amongst the volume based Tinders, Match.coms and POF’s – there could finally be a place for the more eco, spiritual and mindful love seekers out there.

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