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All the lastest news on oganics and natural products

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Plastic Pollution - Shop Natural - Organic Products (2)

Ten plastics you can stop using today.

We’ve written many features about the scourge of plastics. The movement to quit plastic use […]

Recycling -Blog Header

Recycling. Is it a load of rubbish?

We throw stuff in the recycle bin and for the most part, we hope we’ve […]

5 Ways to say no to a disposable life - Blog Header (7)

5 Ways to say no to a disposable life

  UK per year – 209 million tonnes of waste – Only 44.5% recycled / […]

Organic Tea - Organic Herbal Tea - Shop Natural - Organic Products

The three best herbal teas for colds.

In the dark depths of January, detox underway and possibly with a sniffle or two, […]

Organic Shampoo for Oily Hair Blog Post

Hair problems? The Natural & Organic answer just here.

It’s your crowning glory. And to keep it healthy, you need to think beyond brand […]

Bay Leaf - Blog Header (14)

The medicinal power of the little Bay Leaf

You’re probably more familiar with a bay leaf floating around in soups or casseroles, giving […]


All the lastest news on oganics and natural products

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Essential Oils bath time - Shop Natural - Organic Products (4)

The Guide to essential oil bathtime perfection.

You thought it was simple, right? You’re filling the bath, looking forward to a soak […]

Natural Beauty - Shop Natural - Organic Products (3)

Eight amazing winter natural beauty hacks.

Winter can play havoc with our hair and skin but we don’t need to spend […]

Natural Scent - Shop Natural - Organic Products

Why only natural, organic scents should fill your home.

When we smell something – a scent, a perfume, a cooking smell – powerful messages […]

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