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Happy. What a feeling! If you want to get some tips on how to make yourself happier keep on reading you won’t regret and at the end of the page you will have the links to 2 surveys to know how satisfied you are.

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What makes you happy?
Friends and family? Money? Pets? Sunsets? Pizza and Netflix? Music?

In the past decades, researchers in the field of positive psychology have discovered ‘happiness’ is up to you. It’s mostly up to you whether or not you’re a happy bunny or a sour puss.


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According to research, half of your happiness level is genetic, a surprisingly tiny 10% is based on your circumstances, and a whopping 40% comes from your habits – the things you do and the way you think.

Set aside your genes, and don’t dwell too much on the car or the bank account.

Basically that 40% of attitude is where you want to focus to up the happy factor in your life.

You reflect on your day-to-day actions and on your mindset. In other words, check the attitude every day.

Ask yourself the following five questions, because these are how the happy people do things.


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1. Do you have an ‘attitude of gratitude’?

All psychologists agree that feeling grateful for even the small things in life makes people happy.

People who see little things every day to be thankful for are more optimistic, in better health, have more fulfilling experiences, and stronger relationships.

And, the experts say, to increase the benefits of being grateful, use ‘external expression’. So, if you see something beautiful or experience something really cool – say it, talk about it or write it down. Keep a little daily ‘happiness’ journal to hand.


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2. Do You Set Goals?

Setting realistic goals gives us daily focus, determination and pride. They help us make our dreams come true.

Each action toward our goal gives us fulfillment, a sense of accomplishment, greater life satisfaction and therefore, greater happiness.

It’s not just the big life things, but little daily goals too. A study at Harvard Business school reported that their students who wrote down clear goals earned, on average 10 times more than students who didn’t write down their goals!

So in your gratitude diary, keep a note of your goals.


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3. Is Your Glass Half Full?

Looking on the bright side of life increases your happiness level. It also improves your health, your relationships, and your overall well-being. Optimistic people enjoy the happy times and are better equipped to deal with difficult times.

So, if you’re prone to doom and gloom, practice No. 1 – more gratitude.

Look at what you’ve got, not what you don’t got!

Imagine what life would be like if all the little and big things you have weren’t there – friends, family, your dog or cat, running water, heat, flowers the garden. Literally sit back and smell the roses.

Put a little faith in the universe and that your story is unfolding as it needs to.


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4. Do You Know How Fabulous You Really Are?

Understanding what you are good at is more important than you might realize.

Have you spent any time considering your character strengths?

Are you helpful, funny, a good listener, tenacious, great cook or gardener?  We’re often too wrapped up in what we’re not good at – focusing on the negative rather than the positive.

Re-boot your brain. Sit down in a quiet place and reflect on what’s great about you. Don’t let the little whiny voice head take over. Remember what you’re good sides are, your strengths. Using them in new and unique ways, you can improve your quality of life and overall life satisfaction.

The happiest people have certain strengths in common: enthusiasm, hope, love, gratitude, and curiosity. If these strengths aren’t in your top ten of ‘why I’m great’ – practice squeezing them into your day-to-day life for a proven happiness booster.


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5. Are You Present In the Here and Now?

Happy people don’t dwell too much in the past and they don’t worry endlessly about the future. They make an effort to enjoy the present, and live in it.

Yoga and meditation help you practice being connected to the present. Mindfulness is a great way to remember the here and now, and worry less about past and future.

Trying to be mindful every day takes practice, but can help bring peace, calm, and perspective. And if meditation scares you, research says that just 2 minutes of quiet reflection a day for 21 days improves our happiness.

So How Happy Are You?

Try one or both of these tests to see where you are on the
happiness scale.

The Life Satisfaction Survey
The Happy For No Reason Questionnaire

Whatever the results, remember we’re in charge of at least 40% of our happy factor. Know that you can get even happier than you are today. Be optimistic, meditate a few minutes a day, write down your goals, be grateful for small things, recognize and use your strengths. You have more than you think!

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