8 common sense Spring detox tips

If, like us, you’ve spent most of the winter on the couch with comfort food and the telly, you could be feeling a bit sluggish.

Lack of movement causes a kind of body stagnation that creates a build up of toxins. We’re all a bit sluggish, fatigued and achy. Don’t panic, you’re not alone.

Spring is the best time of year to sort this out and reset our bodies and minds and in a few weeks – and now it’s finally here. Yikes!

Now, we’re a little suspicious of fancy ‘detox’ plans. You could buy an expensive juicer and try drinking pints of mulched spinach, broccoli and cayenne pepper for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But we prefer a more ‘common sense’ approach to the annual detox.

Here’s our 8 Top Tips that won’t break your Spring spirit (or bank account)

1. Do Sweat It.

Move! Outside if you can. Walk, bike, dance, zumba, hop, run, hula-hoop or skip. Get the old bones and muscles out of the sofa shape.

Have a sauna or have hot baths with some Epsom salts (great for sucking out toxins).

However you can, get a sweat on and sweat out the nasties.

2. Drink loads of water.

Every morning, start with a glass of room temperature water with lemon. It helps clean out the liver, wakes up your digestive system, and hydrates your body. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Doesn’t need to be a chore, just get into the habit of grabbing a glass every opportunity.

3. And ..Breathe.

Do some deep breathing to clear the mind and lungs.

Every morning, breath in for four seconds, hold for seven and exhale for eight. Do this about four times in the morning and again at night. If work is stressful, duck off at lunch time and do it – it’s also an amazing stress reliever.

4. Three meals a day.

Focus on three meals only. Start decreasing the winter comfort snacks and ‘hearty stodges’. Start increasing the good stuff – garlic, grapefruit, multigrains, avocado, nuts and veg, lean proteins etc. Get spicy with turmeric, cumin, cayenne and coriander – all great for digestion and detoxing.

5. Light dinner before 7pm.

Dinner should be the smallest meal of the day. It can be some lightly cooked veggies or soup. We know it sounds like the early bird special, but try not to eat past 7-ish giving your system time to digest.

6. Gluten, dairy, sugar, processed – all bad.

They’re hard to digest and will take the attention of your immune system and other systems needed for detoxing. Skip coffee and alcohol, or reduce your intake. Cut out the whites carbs like bread and pasta (which we love in winter!)

7. Early nights.

To get your body and mind back in tune, it’s crucial to rest properly. The body rests and repairs itself over night. So, it’s needs proper, undisturbed, quality sleep and enough of it. Ban yourself from the laptop/tablet after 9pm. Have a bath, read instead.

8. Give yourself a timescale.

There’s no official length for a detox. It’s whatever works for you.

We’d say two to three weeks of being mindful about you habits, diet and water intake is enough to start feeling great in mind and body. Set yourself a time, and check how you feel after it’s up.

We guarantee you’ll feel great and ready for Spring, light evenings and a new season. A little mindfulness is painless, and gets great results!

Stick with the new habits and summer is yours!

Good luck.

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