6 Reasons To Eat Organic

Why should we eat organic food?

The six big reasons to shop and eat organic.


1. Fewer Pesticides

Pesticides are poisons. They’re designed to kill stuff!

Half of the non-organic food we eat contains one or more pesticides.

Surprisingly, levels of pesticides used are going up, not down.

Like Carbendazim. Evidence links it with developmental damage to mammals that could lead to cancers, developmental problems and birth defects.

Or Glyphosate (found in the worlds most widely used herbicide). The World Health Organisation’s cancer agency said this one is probably carcinogenic to humans.

Never mind “safe levels”, why are we knowingly and regularly eating poisons?

Organic foods are permitted to use a minimal range of pesticides, but only if all other non-chemical approach has failed.


2. Fewer Additives

Of the thousands of dodgy additives permitted in Europe, organic food can only use up to 45 and these must be derived from natural sources. No artificial colours or flavours are allowed.


3. No GM (Genetically Modified) Crops

Another bonus. Organically reared livestock cannot be fed on GM feed, so you know that’s what’s ‘gone in’ is natural.


4. Better Animal Welfare.

The CIWF (Compassion in World Farming) supports organic approaches as being the ‘most humane and most sustainable form of farming’. Organic livestock farmers don’t routinely use anti-biotics to rear livestock. They are used only if a healthy animal reaches clinical signs of illness. The less antibiotics in the food chain, the better.


5. Better Wildlife Protection

Fewer chemicals and pesticides equals healthier soil and a better environment for wildlife to thrive. Organic farms support 50% more species of pollinators (go bees!), 50% more wildlife, and 75% more plant species.


6. Responsibility

It costs more, right?

Generally it does. But what will the long-term costs of the current system be if it can’t deliver safe, healthy food, destroys the environment and treats animals inhumanely, can we afford not to change to organic wherever we can?

1 – 5 are no brainers. The issue of cost is a choice of course, but ultimately it may be the only choice we have.

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