5 Ways to beat the post holiday blues

It’s the last day of August. Are you feeling it yet?

That slightly sad, creeping feeling that it’s all over? The holidays, memories of long, warm days, beautiful places and exciting new things all fading away? You are not alone. The holiday season is coming to its end and we all have a touch of the post-holiday blues.

Don’t worry. Put our 5 remedies into practice and you’ll sail through the blues and stay positive as we head into autumn.

Start a Daily Journal

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Remember that new life you made for yourself in your sun lounger? Easy to dream it up but harder to make it happen back in reality. A daily journal habit is key here.

For 3 days write 3 pages of anything first thing in the morning. Don’t overthink it. Just write. Then on morning 4, focus a little on things you’d like to change. Again, don’t overthink it. It works better if you let your sub-conscious flow. Keep this up every morning. There is no right or wrong way, you’ve just got to write.

After a few weeks, go back over your scribblings. Take the things you’ve written about changing and condense them into one page.

Then take the first three of them all. Use post-its and post them in all the visible places of your day – the fridge, your computer, the toaster, the car dash, the loo wall..

Each day take tiny, small steps towards each change for 4 – 6 weeks. This creates a new ‘habit’ behaviour.

Then, do the same for the next 3 on your list.

Rather than getting home and feeling there’s no way you can change direction, setting small goals creates big change. It’s positive and restorative, and energises you for the life you live 50 weeks of the year rather than the two weeks you spend on your summer holiday. Take those dreams you had when you were relaxing and free and make them happen with little moves.

Breathe properly

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Seriously, this is so deep, it does work. When you feel the blues, breathe deeply from the diaphragm drawing long breaths in and a long, sustained breath out. Use positive mantras if you like, – ‘I am capable of, I am good at, I am able to’.

Or close your eyes and visualise your favourite holiday spot as you breathe – the beach, or the sea or the mountains. It will help take you back to that state of calm energy you felt when you were away.

This is something you can get into the habit of doing on holiday so it’s a habit by the time you get home. It’s much easier to start new habits when we are calm and relaxed and happy.

Get outdoors.

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Lack of daylight plays a big part in any kind of ‘blues’ but it’s likely that you were exposed to much more daylight than normal when you were on holiday. Get outdoors for at least 30 minutes a day.

This should be one of your new habits. Sunny day or winter, a walk to work or at lunchtime or a walk in the evening will lift your mood, your serotonin and you’ll get the added exercise.

It may have been warm and balmy in the evenings on holiday, but if you can enjoy wrapping up and cosy boots – natural light even in winter is essential to feelings of happiness.

Re-Draw the Boundaries

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If you feel a low-level dread that lasts a couple of weeks after getting back, you need to think about addressing that. Is there just too much going in your life? What can you do to redraw the boundaries to make life more manageable?

Simplify your days – do fewer things you enjoy rather than 10 things you don’t. If you still feel low, chances are it’s more than just missing the beach. Something needs to be shifted or changed. But don’t panic. Take the positivity of the holiday feelings to define that something is not right for you in ‘real life’. We can’t define the highs without occasionally feeling the lows.

Recognising those feelings (which let’s face it, a wonderful week away will do), you can start to make them work for, rather than against you, in what scientists call an ‘affective shift.’

This is the change in mood that occurs as you work though a problem to find a solution – your mood is the push for change. Finding ways in which to implement that change, makes you feel empowered and better already.

Sprinkle the Holiday Vibe in Your Home

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The value of the hyped-up love we feel for that little village or restaurant or beach is that it’s out of reach now you’re home.

Be grateful for the memories, but find beauty in your home place too. Open your eyes to the way the sunlight streams through your bedroom windows, or your pretty little patch of garden, or the way you’ve decorated a room. Love and enjoy your friends being close by and the great local coffee shop you have.

Then, be sure to add little reminders of your holiday. Hang a picture you bought when away, cook some of the food you tried. Frame a favourite photo. Remember that beach by all means. But don’t mourn it!

Be grateful you saw that place. Know that you have expanded your horizons, and that next year you may return but you may discover somewhere new. And in the meantime, never forget to enjoy the present moment. Love where you’re at.

Remember, the holiday blues are really a reminder to keep improving and changing and discovering and living.

Until the next adventure, friends.

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